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Mobile learning is not so much about technology as it is about learning.  It is about the tool that can share knowledge quickly and seamlessly.  In order to find the right tool it means understanding what works in terms of design, identifying the audience, choosing the ideal delivery formats, and more.  Widespread use of mobile tools have forced organizations to realign their training strategies to incorporate mobile devices.

Why should organizations include mobile learning as part of their knowledge transfer strategy? How can they get started with it? What are the factors they need to keep in mind to initiate mLearning in their organizations?

To know answers to these questions and more ask us:

  1. Why organizations should consider mLearning?
  2. What are the ideal delivery formats for mobile learning content?
  3. Who is the best audience for mobile learning?
  4. How does a roadmap to mLearning implementation look?
  5. What is the importance of the design and resources required?
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