How Long Does it Take to Create eLearning?

The most asked question we get at E-Concepts, Inc. from clients is “How long does it take to create eLearning?”  It seems to be a mystery to most on figuring out how many hours it takes to create one hour of online learning.  My answer is something along the lines of, “How long does it take someone to make a cake?”  Then they would ask – what kind of cake, how many will it serve, how many layers, which flavors, from scratch, what is the occasion, does it need to be transported, how does it need to be stored and so on?  The answers are similar to both questions – it depends on what you want in the finished product.

The same goes for creating eLearning.  In order to roughly determine how many hours it takes to create one hour of eLearning we share 3rd party information from Chapman Alliance.  The levels are broken into 3: Basic, Interactive, and Advanced with descriptions.  Check it out here to help answer some of your questions:

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